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How to contact the DesInventar team

If you have comments about DesInventar we would love to hear from you.

Depending on where you are and why you want to contact us you can use the following addresses:


For any issues, comments, bug reports regarding the Open Source Software and Documentation, please contact:

DesInventar Open Source Development Team
Attn. Julio Serje

Or you can write us at:
Open Source Development Team
UNISDR - Sendai Framework Monitoring Unit
UN Campus PLatz der Vereinten Nationen 1
Bonn 53113, Germany

Interested in implementing DesInventar in your country?

In Asia/Pacific

You may contact any of the following teams:

UNISDR Asia Pacific Regional Office

Atn. Timothy Wilcox (Mr.)
email: wilcoxt@un.org

UNDP Regional Centre Bangkok
Atn. Rajesh Sharma
email: rajesh.sharma@undp.org

In Africa

UNISDR Africa Regional Office
Atn. Luca Rossi (Mr.)
email: rossil@un.org

In the Middle East and Arab States

UNISDR Cairo Regional Office
Atn. Sujit Mohanty
email: mohanty@un.org

In Latin America

Atn. Sandra Amlag
email: amlang@un.org

In Europe and Central Asia:

UNISDR Regional Office for Europe
Atn. Sebastien Penzini
UN House, 14 Rue Montoyer 1000, Brussels, Belgium
email: penzini@un.org
Atn. Abhilash Panda
email: pandaa@un.org

In the Caribbean

UNISDR Global Assessment Report team
Attn. Julio Serje
email: serje@un.org