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Migrating DesInventar to Sendai Framework format

DesInventar Sendai is a new version of the well-tested, widely used software that implements all the Indicators and data required for the Monitoring of Targets A to D of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, which correspond to parallel Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) indicators from Goals 1, 11 and 13.

Among many other new features, it also allows for the definition and use of Sendai Framework metadata to describe several indicators and allow a finer desaggregation of data.

Migration path

In order to use DesInventar Sendai to support the reporting of indicators to both the SDG's process and the Sendai Framework Monitoring system, Member States will need to follow several steps:

  • Download, install and configure a local or web server with DesInventar Sendai. For those Member States using the UNISDR Sendai Framework server this step is not needed
  • Migrate the database using the new "Sendai" tab in the Administration module. This is achieved with one click in the first link of that page, "Migrate database to support Sendai Targets and Indicators". UNISDR has already done this for all participating countries in its server. With this function, all new fixed indicators and human loss disaggegations will be created in the system, and countries will be able to report on all of the Minimum Data Requirenents and many of the recommended disaggregations, notably those for human losses (by age, by sex, disability and income).
  • Provide the National Metadata values (Population, Age Groups, GDP, Exchange rate, etc) for the years of the exercise. This is done using the link "Maintain National Metadata" in the Sendai tab
  • If desired, and according to the suggestions of the OIEWG report, Member States may use the metadata facility to configure the disaggregation of indicators of Target C and D. In this facilities countries will be able to select the sectors of the economy (Productive Assets), the elements of Critical Infrastructure, the Basic Services and the Agricultural assets that will be tracked by the system. This is achieved using the link "Select Metadata to disaggregate Targets C and D"
  • Last but not least, Member States that have already collected some of the new indicators can 'merge' their previous work with the new Sendai/SDG indicators

For those interested in a more detailed guidance, please refer to the following documents:

OIEWG Report (English)
Technical Guidance Notes for Sendai Indicators
Detailed DesInventar Sendai Migration and Configuration Guide (English)

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