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Disease attacking many individuals in a same community during short terms (days, weeks, months maximum), such as cholera, typhoid, bubonic plague, etc.


Proliferation of insects or animal pests affecting communities, agriculture, cattle or stored perishable goods; for example, rats, locusts, African bees, etc.

Animal Attack

Attacks by elephants or other wild animals; stampedes of herds of wild or domestic animals or livestock.

Biological Event

Destruction of biological species for known or unknown reasons. In the end, these events may be associated to pollution or drastic changes in environmental parameters. An example could be the “red tide”.

Pollution Concentration of

polluting substances in the air, water or soils, at levels harmful to human health, crops or animal species.

Leak/Oil Spill

Leak of harmful liquid, solid or gas substances, whether radioactive or not, generated by technological accidents, human fault or transportation accidents.